1. SHOWSTOPPER Package:           

Budget-friendly option for beginners within a larger group setting:  R300-00 pm

2. RESONATE Package:           

Eisteddfod training for those with very busy schedules:  R185-00 pm


                 3. CURTAIN-UP Package:                

                         All-in-one package including Eisteddfod:  R495-00 pm

                 4. SPOTLIGHT Package:                  

                         All-in-one package with everything from the Curtain-Up package including Public Speaking Training and extra classes:  R550-00 pm

                     5. EXACTING Package:                    

                             Study Drama and have an acting career in the South-African industry:  R655-00 pm

                     6. FIGMENT Agency:                        

                             Auditions for film, tv, theatre, voiceovers and adverts:  R0-00 pm

                                 7. PAY-AS-YOU-GO Package:                        

                                            Extra and once-off classes:  R180-00 – R450-00

                                 8. CUE Package:                                      

                                            Public Speaking speeches and training:  R500-00 – R1920-00